In this article we will:

  1. Launch 3 Instances on AWS
  2. Configure 2 of them as Apache Web Servers
  3. Configure 1 of them HAProxy Load Balancer


  1. Integrate LVM with Hadoop and Provide Elasticity to DataNode Storage.
  2. Increase or Decrease the Size of Static Partition in Linux
  3. Automate the LVM Partition using Python-Script.


  • System A ->
  • System B ->
  • System C->

In this article, we will create an Ansible Playbook which will:

  • Install Docker
  • Launch Container
  • Update Inventory File
  • Configure Container as Web Server
  • Initially, the Inventory file is empty.

  1. We will create an ansible role httpd to configure Httpd WebServer.

Role for Configuring HTTPD

  • Create a Role

Karan Agrawal

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