A Network Topology Setup such that System A can ping to two Systems System B and System C, but both these systems cannot ping each other.

Karan Agrawal
2 min readJan 16, 2021

This problem can easily be solved using the concept of Routing Tables.

Let us have three systems in the same network:

  • System A ->
  • System B ->
  • System C->

Add route in Routing table such that A can connect to B and C but B and C can only connect to A.

  • Adding Route in System A
  • Adding Route in System B
  • Adding Route in System C

We can see that:

  • System A can Ping to System B and System C.
  • System B can Ping to System A only.
  • System C can Ping to System A only.

Commands Used are:

  • route add -net <ip>
    (To add a route)
  • route -n
    (To see all routes)
  • ifconfig
    (To see IP)
  • ping <ip>
    (To ping some other System)