Ansible playbook that will retrieve new docker container IP and dynamically update the Ansible inventory and configure webserver inside that container.

Karan Agrawal
3 min readJan 16, 2021

In this article, we will create an Ansible Playbook which will:

  • Install Docker
  • Launch Container
  • Update Inventory File
  • Configure Container as Web Server
  • Initially, the Inventory file is empty.
  • Ansible Configuration File.
  • Ansible Playbook to Install Docker and Update Inventory File.
  • Inventory.j2 file template.
  • Ansible Playbook to Configure a Docker Container. (I used my own docker image having sshd configured. You can get it from here.)
  • Running the docker_dynamic_ip.yml playbook.
  • IP has been added dynamically in the inventory file.
  • You can verify IP is Updated Correctly.
  • Now running docker_container.yml playbook to configure web server.
  • Docker Container has been launched Successfully.
  • Also, the Web Server is Working Perfectly. (I Exposed port 80 of container with port 1234 of Engine.)

For Github Link, click here.

For Ansible PlayBook to Launch Web-Server on Docker Container, click here.