Ansible playbook that will retrieve new docker container IP and dynamically update the Ansible inventory and configure webserver inside that container.

In this article, we will create an Ansible Playbook which will:

  • Install Docker
  • Launch Container
  • Update Inventory File
  • Configure Container as Web Server
  • Initially, the Inventory file is empty.
  • Ansible Configuration File.
  • Ansible Playbook to Install Docker and Update Inventory File.
  • Inventory.j2 file template.
  • Ansible Playbook to Configure a Docker Container. (I used my own docker image having sshd configured. You can get it from here.)
  • Running the docker_dynamic_ip.yml playbook.
  • IP has been added dynamically in the inventory file.
  • You can verify IP is Updated Correctly.
  • Now running docker_container.yml playbook to configure web server.
  • Docker Container has been launched Successfully.
  • Also, the Web Server is Working Perfectly. (I Exposed port 80 of container with port 1234 of Engine.)

For Github Link, click here.

For Ansible PlayBook to Launch Web-Server on Docker Container, click here.




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Karan Agrawal

Karan Agrawal

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