Expert Session Kubernetes — Industry Use Cases — 8th March, 2021

Mr. Neeraj Bhatt” (Senior Technical Engineer- OpenShift, Redhat )
Mr. Vijit Kuntal” (Consultant, Infosys Belgium)
Rushil Sharma” ( Customer Engineer Hybrid Cloud, Google)
Thanks Vimal Daga sir and Preeti Chandak Mam

Summary of the Session:
✔CVS(Concurrent Version Control)is a functional version control system. This helps the teams to be connected to the changes that are measured into a repository when working on software.
✔Git is preferred over CVS because git provides more tools than CVS and and it also reduces the workaround time, it provides an agile sprint way of working, and it is easier to reconcile.
✔SCC is security context constrains , it is for setting security for pods when a customers don’t wants features like privilege escalation , selinux , not to use pvc.
✔Linux namespace are feature of linux kernel that uses partitions kernel resources.
✔Grafana is used for data visualization , monitoring and analyzing cpu and gpu used in a process.
✔CPU request made for consuming the resources.
✔The CPU limit can limit the number of visitors your website can receive.
✔The maximum utilization of CPU is done now other request may be drop by system in result there is leak in CPU.
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